I.M.I | James Pearson-Howes
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I think my ability to shoot a good portrait probably comes from my father; not in the technical sense (as he was an electrician) but the people side. He could happily hold court with anyone no matter their age, gender, race, or class. Put simply I’m good with people.

I like my work to have a natural feel that stems from making my subjects feel at ease and able to just be themselves. My portraits have a vibrancy to them in color, tone and also emotion; a sense of fun and energy.
Commercially I have shot 5 seasons of ads (both film and stills) for Dr Martens. We cast 15 real wearers of Dr Martens and craft films and stills around them for each new season. These projects highlight my strengths both as a Director and a Photographer and really push the limits of what can be achieved in a shoot day.

In my personal work I am draw to subcultures, odd balls and the overlooked. I have spent six years photographing the remaining people who still practice strange Pagan and folk traditions within Britain, and my short films cover subjects ranging from a Bengali rapper in east London to a Speedway rider in Essex, and I am currently in preproduction on a short film about a Goth couple in Grimsby.

Director / Photographer



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