Adam Warmington Captures The Blue Hour for DJ Shadow

When Adam Warmington first began capturing the dense fog during “blue hour” in a sliver of the Bay Area, little did he know it would serve as the storyline in a DJ Shadow video.

Discovering this wedge of a tract housing complex in Daly City inspired Adam to begin working on a personal project but he couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to film a video in this unique foggy atmosphere.

Adam had been shooting there throughout the summer but as August approached, he knew the foggy days were limited. So, with some deep brainstorming, Adam developed a concept that aimed to portray the neighborhood’s vibe, fog, and the story within that space. The three-day production soon commenced and involved meticulous planning, blocking out scenes in 45-minute windows to capture the spectral lighting that encapsulated the essence of the neighborhood.

Its success hinged on pulling off a specific VFX-heavy end scene, requiring a skilled crew to ensure its effectiveness. The collective effort between Adam and his crew, many of whom are friends, underscored the project’s collaborative and creative nature.

Adam approached the project as a labor of love and he only pitched the video to DJ Shadow after he shot and edited it. This gave Adam full creative reign and eliminated the burden of external pressure.

It’s no wonder the track is titled, “The Prophecy” from the artist’s latest album Action Adventure. It’s as if the project was made for him.

The video was released on December 4th, with Adam’s friend and creative director Derick Daily facilitating the collaboration with DJ Shadow. We don’t want to give away too much so please check out the video and let the fog clear enough for you to witness “The Prophecy.”