I didn’t get a camera from my Dad when I was 7, or make Super 8 movies as a kid. I didn’t even pick up a camera until I was 24. Instead my teenage years disappeared in a cloud of smoke and squealing tires. I moved to London to explore the world but ended up in South Africa where I surfed and hung out. Then I moved to Sydney where I surfed and hung out. I needed to get my self sorted so decided I wanted to be an architect, a pilot, or an adventure guide. I became a photographer instead. I’ve shot in Prague, LA, Egypt and Sydney, from the deserts of Mali to downtown New York, and the local studio down the road. I’ve exhibited work in New York, San Diego and Auckland. In 2013 and 2015 my work was recognized by Lurzer’s Archive in their ‘Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide’.
Now I’ve discovered moving pictures – the collaboration, the planning, and the storytelling. I love it all. To use light, motion, movement, and character as a way to create story is wonderful. Being trained to tell a stories compositionally in a single frame is a useful skill for a filmmaker, and having been in front of the camera myself helps me when I work with actors, models, and performers.
I love my work. I love the variety and the fact that every day is different. I love that I get to work with so many amazing people on projects that are visually rich, emotive, striking, fashion forward, and just plain sexy and that it takes me to far flung corners of the world. What a job.

Automotive / Lifestyle / Landscape