James Pearson-Howes Finishes First with Nike and British Vogue

Running is on the rise with Millennials but it has always been “en vogue” with Nike thanks to its Pegasus line, the longest running shoe in the company’s history. James Pearson-Howes recently had the opportunity to capture the latest reincarnation of this famed shoe. In this advertorial, James photographed three avid runners to accompany a video about why it has become a passion for these digital natives.

Each sporting Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35, James captured the talent in studio. “When I shoot in studio, I want to add an element of dynamism.” James’ examples of double-exposure really resonated with the client so they incorporated this idea to emphasize movement…without movement. Double exposures add compelling shapes and an energetic look and feel. It was a perfect technique to express the enthusiasm the talent had for the sport.

Ever a fan of spontaneity, James embraced the element of chance involved in creating double exposure images. “You have to guesstimate where things are. I like when things are a little uncontrollable and organic.” James also used gels to color the background as a subtle nod to the shoe’s colorful design.

Due to the nature of the double-exposure technique, the entire project was captured on film. Asked whether film was experiencing a resurgence, James promptly answered a redounding, “Yes, absolutely.”

Ultimately, it’s down to what the client needs but if James has more time with his subject or the project is personal, he will shoot film.

“Quite often when I have a commercial project but the client doesn’t have budget for it and there’s artistry, I will use film in addition to digital. The tonality and feel of it is amazing. There’s a slower, more engaging process when shooting with film. If you photograph people, there’s something a bit disruptive about digital. You’re constantly looking at the screen. You shoot more instinctually with film.”

James is also adamant about casting a diverse range of talent and abilities as seen in this advertorial. Although the video team managed the casting for this project, James agrees that London has been particularly forward-thinking with inclusiveness in the past few years. “Now there all walks of life and abilities in casting…and it’s very important. It’s a great time for advertising in that sense of leading the way to bring about some change.”

We love the energy and passion that James exudes in capturing the style and substance of Nike. As the name Pegasus suggests, no wonder these shoes make you fly.