Laura Belevica is a Latvian multi-media artist, photographer and architect who has worked on a large variety of international multi-disciplinary projects focusing on storytelling and creative direction- from print, animation, film and production design in VR to art installations, buildings and large scale urban environments. Nature, color and light are her primary inspirations in all of her work. Her work has been exhibited, published and awarded in the US, UK, EU, China and Japan.

The work shown below is a collection from her Shadow Series celebrating the beauty of the mundane and explore the shadow’s potential to inspire: literally as well as metaphorically. Simple natural objects: sticks, stones, leafs, barks, flowers, even vegetables and fruit are photographed against a simple background using natural light to capture their unique shadows. The shadow then becomes the starting point for a transformation as the true nature of the natural object is revealed: it becomes an artwork telling its own unique story.

Multi-Media / Photography / Illustration