Off Grid and On Point with Reuben Wu and the Ford Bronco

Earlier this year Road & Track called on Reuben Wu to capture the spirit of a legend and its rebirth – the 2021 Ford Bronco.

For this story, Reuben traversed out to the Mojave Desert for the day to remind us of the pleasures of getting lost. Reuben captured the Ford Bronco in unchartered territory as it crawled over otherworldly rock outcroppings and landscapes. Although it is a new take on an old classic, Reuben’s images show how the Bronco’s updated design is still grounded in its roots as a rugged adventure vehicle. True to its heritage, Reuben also captured its prowess for extreme performance and adventure at every turn.

With the roof and doors gone, we can all but smell the clean, sharp smell of sagebrush and feel the grit of sand as the Bronco bursts across roads less traveled. As we see it chase the sun’s last light, Reuben captures the Bronco where it feels most at home, already awaiting its next adventure.