Flower Power by James Pearson-Howes

Inspired by his favorite artist Matisse, James Pearson-Howes transforms the streets of Los Angeles to a technicolor dream resplendent with a riot of flowers. The Flower Market in downtown Los Angeles served as the backdrop for this personal project of a woman buying flowers. It comes to life with fashionable looks and a photogram technique influenced by the palettes and tones of flowers. Rich textures and flowers from the shoot border the prints to create a fun and vibrant energy, reminiscent of the organic shapes in Matisse’s cut-outs. Even the spray-painted van in the background adds a vivid splash of color. Each of the image are hand-printed on Fuji paper and the gels that James uses create different casts of light on the paper, melding to create a joyful organic feel. You can’t deny that James creates a Kodak moment with these vibrant and energetic images thanks to his use of Portra film and we love that film is making a comeback.