The Business of Wonder Presented by Bulgari

What do you get when a visual artist, fashion designer, and astronaut walk into a room? Wonder.

Reuben Wu recently had the pleasure of joining Paola Mathé, Founder and Creative Director of Fanm Djanm, a women’s fashion brand and Katya Echazarreta, Electrical Engineer and Civilian Astronaut to chat about this enigmatic topic in “The Business of Wonder,” a short film created by luxury brand Bulgari.

The three innovators got down to business and rapped about innovation, what wonder means to them, and how it relates to each of their disciplines and desire to create.

“With my work, when I see it, it’s like being in a dream. And when you show something that is familiar but in a new light, you change people’s perspectives,” noted Reuben.

Katya spoke to how she became the first Hispanic woman to travel in space and Paola shared how tapping into her Haitian culture and vibrant childhood inspired her to create beautiful headwraps.

Produced by Bloomberg Media Studios, the film was shot at the notable Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles, the perfect setting for an inspiring conversation. Reuben enjoyed getting a glimpse into the lives of these two women to learn about how they found their voice and became successful innovators.

Reuben sums it up by noting, “Wonder is at the intersection of art and technology. Putting these two things together, it’s like magic.” We love that Bulgari conjured up such a compelling conversation to remind us of how much wonder we have yet to experience.