A Moment of Perfect Timing for Reuben Wu

What began as a road trip for Reuben Wu and his friends to view the solar eclipse, turned into a light-chasing adventure and commercial project this summer.

Reuben had been speaking about a collaboration with Starlink, a high-speed internet service provider available worldwide even in the most remote locations on Earth. After all, the brand has been partnering with creators to share personal stories that showcase the benefits of using Starlink.

In a moment of synchronicity, the two decided that capturing the eclipse would offer up a unique, ephemeral experience. Starlink then hired a filmmaker to trail Reuben and his friends as they mapped out their journey to capture this evanescent moment on camera.

After starting their trip in Oregon, Reuben and his friends briskly relocated to East Nevada in search of clear weather. They scouted locations, the filmmaker documenting the pre-production and BTS for a couple of days before the eclipse. The team had to react quickly and needed a particular geometry and specific angle to capture the money shot.

The goal was to align the eclipse with someone standing on the horizon. “We didn’t find this person in the shot until the day before. We initially wanted a person riding a horse, but no one stepped up,” says Reuben. So, the team went into town and asked a local in a coffee shop.

On the big day, Reuben had to carefully orchestrate the process communicating over radio from a distance to get the talent in right place at the right time.

Once the stars aligned Reuben then uploaded the image via Starlink to National Geographic’s hero account, and the image was posted for the world to see. It was an authentic way to emphasize the effectiveness of the product in connecting folks to the internet in challenging environments.

“Connection to me is the foundation of spirituality, it’s the reason why friendships and communities form in my society. Being able to connect to the Internet, wherever I am on Earth is not only reassuring but also very powerful,” adds Reuben.

Seeing through Reuben’s eyes is never a dull moment and this was an impactful way to demonstrate his artistic vision while capturing a rare celestial event. Check out the video and image on his Instagram here.