Reuben Wu Captures Mercedes G-Class in the Wild

Earlier this year, we gave you a glimpse into Reuben Wu’s adventurous trip to Spain to capture a series of images for the Mercedes G-class. We’re excited to finally share these images that will be featured in the 2024 Mercedes G-class enthusiast calendar.

The project has been a long-time coming since Reuben began building a relationship with OSK, the German-based agency that works with Mercedes Germany.

Over the course of a week, Reuben captured twelve different models of the G-class from the early Eighties to its newest iteration, a yet-to-be revealed model.

The production was demanding yet rewarding, especially considering the spectacular desert locations where the rugged, yet stylish vehicles were placed. The image at the top of a quarry stands out as Reuben’s favorite, due to the intense effort and creative process involved in capturing it.

Given the time constraints of shooting at night, location scouting played a crucial role. This pushed for quick decisions and methodical execution despite weather challenges like lens condensation and wind. Lighting the vehicles with drones in these challenging terrains provided both production efficiencies and creative freedom.

Reuben even had the opportunity to craft an image at an open-roof desert studio equipped with a shallow pool. This location further added an interesting layer to Reuben’s toolkit for creating otherworldly automotive imagery.

What’s fascinating is Reuben’s ability to merge his personal style seamlessly into his commercial work. This integration has resonated well, even with audiences not typically interested in cars, and is a testament to the depth and appeal of his work beyond just showcasing the product.

This project included the perfect blend of challenge, creativity, and joy in bringing high-end automotive photography to life in captivating environments. We hope you enjoy Reuben’s skill in taming the wild desert of Spain to produce an eclectic calendar of imaginative images.