Discovering the Incredible for ASUS

This time last year Reuben Wu had the incredible opportunity to participate in a branded content documentary tied into the launch of the ASUS ZENBOOK. Set in Gran Canaria off the coast of Spain, the film anchors on the tagline, “Incredible comes from within” and speaks to the power of creativity and courage inside each one of us.

The film highlights Reuben’s photography practice while giving a subtle nod to the technical chops of the ASUS ZENBOOK. Reuben notes, “My whole motivation is to make the viewer ask questions about what they’re seeing, about themselves, and I think that’s the whole purpose of art. Incredible for me means something that is waiting to be discovered.”

True to form, the team explored and shot at various epic locations but landed on the most iconic landmark, an ancient volcanic plug called Roque Nublo for the film’s climax. The incredible moment shows Reuben creating an aeroglyph around the ancient landscape just before the weather rolls across the wild terrain. 

When it comes to the creative process, Reuben adds, “When I’m creating, I think my mind takes on a different flow. Where you forget about other unimportant things in your life. And all that you’re focused on is the creation of the art.”

The film is a great opportunity to see Reuben in his element as he seeks to create incredible moments for us to enjoy and feel inspired. Kudos to the Germany-based agency The Looping Group for telling an interesting story without making it blatantly product focused.