Reuben Wu’s Launch to Remember

Wading through chin-deep waters in a remote slot canyon is not your typical commercial project, even for Reuben Wu. With iPhone in hand, Reuben had the opportunity do just that while trekking through Utah for a recent Apple project. 

The project involved capturing various landscapes that showcase the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s new camera capabilities and Reuben’s involvement in the launch campaign was a groundbreaking endeavor.

Ambitious and innovative, the brief required using the new iPhone camera to capture long exposure photography and create large-format prints for an exhibition in New York.

And then there was the physical challenge of getting to the landscapes. Reuben chose to capture more intimate landscapes in Kanab and Marble Canyon reflecting his desire to focus on textures and the inner landscape of the mind rather than just grand scenic views. This led to finding unique and hard-to-reach locations such as the water-filled slot canyon.

Shooting in White Pocket, an isolated location far from paved roads, presented another canvas for experimentation. Reuben used inventive techniques like a fishing rod to hold light sources in knee-deep water to illuminate a radiant pool of water. His use of drones and creative lighting methods, such as laser wire to create lightning-like effects, pushed the boundaries of traditional landscape photography.

The week-long shoot amidst varied weather conditions showcased Reuben’s adaptability and skill to create mesmerizing images without relying on the typical sunset aesthetics. Reuben’s mastery of manipulating light and landscapes demonstrates his unique approach to photography and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual artistry.

The images demonstrate Reuben’s unique technique of layering multiple long-exposure shots and light painting to create stunning visuals. Despite the limitation of twelve megapixels during night shooting, the stunning images could be printed at 50-60 inches wide thanks to Reuben’s lighting craftsmanship. The private exhibition, attended by influential figures including Apple CEO Tim Cook, marked a significant moment for Reuben’s work. Stephen Wilkes also participated in the exhibition, adding depth to the presentation with his lifestyle images from Block Island. The presence of notable personalities like photographer Cindy Sherman and the press further highlighted the importance of the launch. We hope these images create a sense of wonder and challenge the inner landscapes of your mind.