Bas&Chris Turn Up the Drama for VW Australia

We’re excited to share some new work from the dynamic duo of Bas&Chris who recently collaborated with DDB Sydney to create a series of vibrant images for VW Australia’s line of small and large SUVs. The agency really wanted the work to possess a strong sense of movement, rawness, and humanity. It was the perfect opportunity for Bas&Chris to show off their skills in creating dynamic and energetic images that look and feel genuine.

Bas&Chris have a great natural relationship, and both bring something different to the table as a duo. While they possess a similar visual aesthetic and appreciation for pushing creative ideas, their individual skillsets blend to create an entirely new voice and vision.

They focus on the collective energy and what they can create together which results in a very complimentary, collaborative, and supportive vibe. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have fun when we shoot. We do, however, take our projects very seriously and work hard to bring the best out of each one,” notes Chris.

As with most projects, locations and talent plays a critical role in telling the story, and Bas&Chris are particularly fastidious when it comes to nailing both.

For this project, it was important to cast talent with personality and energy. Bas&Chris often shoot simultaneously which requires some choreography and talent had to be mindful of both cameras. This intricate dance made for great energy on location and in the final shots.

Bas&Chris also had to be mindful of capturing five different ideas and vehicles over the course of two days. The locations needed to be vibrant, colorful, and unique. They alo had to be close enough so that the crew wouldn’t lose valuable time moving from one location to the next, but at the same time give the client what they needed. A challenge this duo heartily accepted.

The beauty about the duo is that working together compliments their own work and has reinvigorated their individual practices. As it turns out having fun while you work is a great element in creating work that clients love.