Chris Sisarich Seizes the Night for OPPO TVC

It’s one thing to seize the day but Chris Sisarich had the opportunity to take it one step further and “Seize the Night” when directing an online film for the Chinese phone brand OPPO. Often considered a rival to Apple, OPPO called on Chris to help demonstrate how the phone can capture breathtaking images at night – no matter how spontaneous the night may be.

Having directed a few of OPPO’s films, Chris ranks this project as a favorite and it was shot just before first pandemic lockdown in Singapore. Working in Singapore has been quite common for Chris and he typically shoots in China about 2-3 times per year, often spending up to 6 weeks there.

“As a director, I’m drawn to stuff that’s visually driven, so it was the perfect script for me,” said Chris. And he captured the film perfectly. The colorful and energetic vibe speaks to the phone’s effortless capability in capturing magical and spontaneous moments that happen after dark. The quick cuts give a sense of movement and playfulness. OPPO also gave Chris quite a lot of creative freedom to execute the project which he thoroughly enjoyed.

When asked how productions differ in Asia versus New Zealand and beyond, Chris was commented that productions tend to have more manpower and operate more on the fly. “Because you have more hands available, you can get big things done rather quickly,” added Chris. And that’s no doubt helpful when the script unfolds to reveal an impromptu evening with friends who are ready to “seize the night.”

Partnering with Chris enabled OPPO to create an engaging and authentic film that fulfills its belief that “technology is an art form.”