Chris Sisarich Captures Style & Substance for AllBirds New Zealand

When Allbirds reached out to Kiwi Chris Sisarich for its latest campaign, we knew it was meant to be. While the brand has made quite a headway into the US market, Allbirds actually calls New Zealand home.

A photographer’s dream project, Chris was given plenty of creative license to develop a fresh look for the sustainable shoe brand on his home turf. Inspired by natural materials like merino wool and an ongoing mantra to “create better things in a better way,” the brand ethos meshed well with Chris’ creative philosophy – one that is driven by instinct rather than a prescriptive approach.

“I get the best results when I work more intuitively, and I suppose more editorially, instead of hunkering down on a tripod. If we picked a location and we get there and the light is happening across the street, I’m going to run across the street,” says Chris. “I’m not going shoot there just because we agreed to do it.”

Good thing Chris followed his instincts because the images from the shoot were epic. Knowing to run across the street to capture the magic light comes with experience, conviction, and earning trust from the client. It involves thinking on the fly.

This loose, editorial approach lends itself well to Allbirds. Playing with light and shadows, Chris incorporated clean and graphic backgrounds to echo the brand’s character. He distilled the images down to what the brand knows best – its simplicity of design, confidence in comfort, and “made from nature” ethos. Even the talent exude confidence in comfort as they effortlessly bound through the city.

Chris feels really excited about this visual aesthetic that has materialized over the past few years – and that it is woven into the fabric of brands like Allbirds. “I suppose it’s born out of this world where we retouched things really hard for 10-15 years and images lost their magic. I want to see real moments, real laughs, rather than something manufactured,” adds Chris.

We couldn’t agree more and are excited to see more of Chris’ projects for Allbirds take flight.