Chris Sisarich Captures Form and Function for Beloved German Outdoor Lifestyle Brand, Strauss

“Enjoy work” may sound like a contradiction to some but it’s the motto that makes German work-wear brand Strauss a trusted staple. Chris has been working with the brand for the past few years to enhance its storytelling as it expands into the outdoor lifestyle market.

Besides function, Strauss is all about emotions and brand identification which Chris infuses into each lifestyle shoot. Strauss’ reliable products have even gained a cult following, making it one of Germany’s top five retailers online.

Chris appreciates the brand and how it approaches campaigns. “What I love about working with this client is their commitment to quality. Shooting in the most amazing locations with the best crews,” notes Chris.

Strauss first discovered Chris when it was exploring new shoot locations. New Zealand fell into favor and so did Chris.

Chris typically shoots for Strauss 2-3 times per year and has been doing so for the past few years. “They tend to shoot in the southern island of New Zealand which is like the Rockies. It’s very mountainous and has a lot of lakes. New Zealand is relatively small so you can travel to different-looking locations in a couple of hours,” says Chris.

Strauss consider re-inventing themselves an everyday task and it’s been fun for Chris to be a part of that journey. We may even have to score one of their fleece jackets to see what the fuss is all about.