Chris Sisarich Rocks Out with Rockit Apples

Getting hired to help visualize a re-brand is exciting especially when the main star is full of energy and ready to rock your day. Chris Sisarich recently had this opportunity with Rockit Apple’s leading talent – a miniature, flavor-packed apple.

Though small in stature, the apple is big in flavor and the client wanted to make sure the re-brand came across as more than a just product-centric campaign. 

“The big drive with the re-branding was to capture the idea of this pocket-sized healthy snack.  

My job was to create four films that would look and feel vibrant, energetic and reflect the brand’s purpose of ‘apples with attitude’,” notes Chris.

With an exciting script and concept, the project felt serendipitous as Chris had always admired the brand and Special Group, its agency of record. The team had to be resourceful in executing the project and managed to successfully create all four spots in one day.

One of Chris’ biggest decisions as director was to hire a young music video editor. Chris gave him a lot of freedom to capture the right flavor and attitude. The films are every bit as juicy as one can expect. They’re punchy and dynamic which speaks to the apple’s personality. What began as a tiny seed of an idea in New Zealand has grown into a global sensation. We can’t wait to take a bite of this apple.