Engineered to Thrill: Uwe Breitkopf Captures the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Uwe Breitkopf is no stranger to capturing high-performance cars so it was no surprise when Porsche tapped him to shoot their latest campaign for the 911 GT2 RS. Because the vehicle was code red and difficult to transport, Uwe and his team opted to capture the background plates conventionally and use a stand-in car for placement. While on location, Uwe also took the opportunity to shoot HDRI domes so that reflections could later be composed onto the GT2. The strong shadows at this sleek location, a brand-new airplane hangar in Germany, framed the vehicle beautifully and added a touch of drama to this powerful car. Uwe’s attention to detail also brought the Porsche’s timeless design and contemporary style to life.

Uwe then captured the code red car in his studio for basic lighting before composing all the elements together for the finished product. Quality is of utmost importance to Uwe and this approach allowed him to get the most out of the production while mitigating the risk of any spy photos. The campaign ran globally across a range of print and online media. These shots undoubtedly gave us some goosebumps and got our adrenalin pumping for more.