Uwe Breitkopf Takes Us Behind the Scenes to Reveal a New Breed of Electric Car – NIO

The era of the electric car is here, and it’s been exciting to see its evolution in design and performance during the past several years. We rarely get the chance to see what happens behind the magic curtain but finally caught a glimpse thanks to Uwe’s recent project for the NIO ES8. 

This week-long project took Uwe to NIO brand-new factory located four hours outside of Shanghai. This wasn’t Uwe’s first project for the brand. Thanks to his trusty relationships with producers in Shanghai and a strong report with the client, Uwe already has five other projects for NIO under his belt.

Uwe was asked to capture the factory in its infancy, just as it started vehicle production. Astonishingly, it took workers only 13 months to build the production-ready factory from scratch and is equipped to produce 200,000 vehicles per year.

Uwe agreed that it was quite an experience to stop everything according to their needs. Naturally, it took a fair amount of orchestration to prepare for capturing the various phases of vehicle production. A week prior to the shoot, Uwe scouted the factory for a few days. Like a well-oiled machine, the shoot came together without a hitch.

It’s amazing to see the birth of a vehicle – from the formation of its elegant design down to the nuts and bolts of the technology. Deemed a “joyful mobile living space,” we’re excited to see more of these high-end, innovative electronic vehicles come to market. Thanks to Uwe, we now know a little bit more about what goes in to making these cars a reality.