James Pearson-Howes is Rollin’ With the Homies Community in a Club

James Pearson-Howes recently had the opportunity to capture cars in a different light, taking a joyride around the UK to document the evolution of car clubs for British GQ.

More than just shooting the sleek lines and curves of sheet metal, James documented how these clubs have evolved and moved away from traditional archetypes to embrace a more inclusive and varied community. 

James captured five different clubs ranging from a Punjabi community with an affinity for BMWs and Mercedes in Southall to the Gay Classic Car Group that recently hosted the largest LGBTQ+ event in Europe.

Lay ‘n’ Play, a UK-wide club that supports the proliferate lowrider community was a standout, reminiscent of the Los Angeles car clubs featuring souped up Lincoln Continentals and Chevy Impalas.

Dukes of London attracted an array of classic and supercar enthusiasts while Caffeine & Machine served as a place for communities to gather and hold themed evenings.

While it rained nearly the entire time, James didn’t let the bumps on the road slow him down. He managed to encapsulate the spirit of each club at a range of locations, showcasing not just the cars but the people and events that bring these communities together. 

Whether James was shooting at a disused car park, a busy street or even a rooftop with a sunset view of London, James enjoyed the whole ride. “It was great to see how these clubs create a sense of camaraderie among people from different backgrounds who come together over their love for automobiles,” adds James.

After seeing these images, we’re feeling motivated to start a tribe of our own.