James Pearson-Howes Rocks Down to Electric Avenue with the 2024 Ford Mach-E

Late this summer James Pearson-Howes had quite the adventure collaborating with Wieden Kennedy to capture the 2024 Ford Mach-E. The two-day shoot alongside broadcast took James to the urban canyons of downtown Los Angeles and the meandering foothills further afield.

While shooting alongside broadcast can have its challenges, James took the project in stride, and it pushed him to be creative and efficient with limited time. With his nimble team, James was able to capture a wide range of shots using natural light with a high level of style and grace.

James shot various technical aspects of the Mustang Mach-E, from showcasing its driverless capabilities to capturing specific features like the frunk (front trunk), the car’s well-appointed interior details, and the ease in which it can be charged.

James’ talent in capturing authentic lifestyle moments coupled with his creative problem-solving skills and adaptability made this project a great success.

We’re buzzing over how James brought energy and muscle to the electric car market. Don’t be surprised if you see us taking the 2024 Ford Mach-E for a spin on PCH.