Chris Sisarich Electrifies Carnival Race Day for Lexus Australia

In celebration of Australia’s beloved Carnival Race Day, TEAM ONE Sydney recently called on Chris Sisarich to capture images for Lexus that speak to the spirit and buzz surrounding the day. If you’re not familiar with Carnival Race Day, the massive event attracts throngs of spectators who typically take the day off and dress to the nines to enjoy the excitement and sportsmanship.

For this project, Chris was tasked to capture three concepts that would be featured on billboards to evoke anticipation leading up to the event. To compliment the Lexus brand, the team sought out an architectural location that felt modern and contemporary but at the same interesting. Ideally, they also wanted to avoid any big crew moves since they only had one day to capture the content. They hit the goldmine west of Sydney at the Australian Plant Bank, a beautiful building that suspends from a sandstone base. Its polished stainless-steel walls juxtaposed the natural setting and created a unique carnival for the eyes.

The X-shaped building offered up some interesting creative opportunities and challenges alike. Because the main building sits high atop its base, Chris and his team shot underneath it. While its shape offered interesting perspectives, the team had very limited windows of light and had to time their shots and locations precisely.

In addition to successfully capturing the three main executions on the creative brief, Chris was able to shoot a set of fun, looser imagery to compliment the hero campaign images. Having a strong production team like Sydney-based Louis&Co also helped take this project to the next level. We love the energy and drama that Chris evokes with these images and feel inspired to see what the buzz of Carnival Race Day is all about.